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Little changes in work or career can mean much, much bigger opportunities than might be apparent. Monthly Horoscope the next 30 days. Yes or No Oracles. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Scorpio: during this year you have to be careful only for the last six months when the energies of Mars can create big decisions but also a lot of nervousness. Placements in Capricorn or Aquarius , even if they make no degree-based aspect with Saturn may still be affected by their ruler Saturn coming into conjunction with Pluto but it would be a more general thing as opposed to a specific event.

The house of daily work and slavery. Much of this time is spent sweeping the floor while gazing out of the window hoping to be rescued by a handsome prince.

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You could use this period to get fit, set times to go down the gym and change your diet. Mars retrograde is in your home sector which makes it powerful and angular for you. Not only that, but it will trigger by square the big three planets in Capricorn during its journey.

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Capricorn: Get your free monthly horoscope reading for January love, relationship, money, mood Get all your astro predictions for #display_sign_u. Know your yearly Capricorn horoscope with complete Astrology predictions on Love, Family, Career, Money, Travel and Health in

This absolutely helps you tie up all the loose ends of the year. Mars erm..

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Mars even in retrograde gets things done and takes brave action, it just takes a more strategic path rather than the usual impulsive reaction. The blitz of planets in Capricorn is over for your specific decan now, so you can just enjoy the end of the Jupiter conjunction. However, you will still feel the general weight of the Capricorn stellium only now in a subtle, more supportive way, especially if you are reading this for your ascendant.

What you need to do with this is to heal and recover from all the changes that have occurred. However, there is the excitement of an eclipse on your descendant which is fantastic for relationships. May I be as bold as to say that this could be one of the best years of your life? This year you get all the juicy transits without any of the challenging ones.

Capricorn's horoscope for January 2020

In fact, this eclipse will just add some sizzle to everything else that is going on. The year starts with the romantic and imaginative Neptune sextile which works as a blossoming backdrop to the luck and success of Jupiter. Everything that I have talked about concerning the stellium in Capricorn in the general section applies to you in its most powerful expression.

But unlike the previous year, you have Jupiter to balance everything out nicely. This means that any decan 3 goats who are after power, leadership and authority should go full throttle for it in Which means the stellium is going on in my first house… right on top of my core self. I assure you all something is cooking….


My son is the same. Feels like waiting for the millennium bug or something! My goodnees?


My birthday is on 12 January. See: The Sun and Mercury until the 17th reinforce your charisma and your ability to reason, while Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto continue to send energies of regeneration and construction. Uranus, in Taurus, sends to the first decan, a need for freedom, a touch of originality, while manifesting more than usual a need to feel connected to the collective.

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For Capricorn you are, a whole program! You continue to feel more compassion, Neptune helps you, while Mars, in Sagittarius, in a sector linked to spirituality, to secrets, is stolen from the eyes of the world, from the services of others.

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Isolation is possible in order to recharge your batteries. Love in General: You profoundly and inevitably change the way you love. Uranus, in Taurus, in beautiful aspect of your Sun, first decan, announces a probable conjugal tsunami. The meeting of an original, modern person could burst into your life. From the 14th, Venus grants you impeccable words and enhanced seduction. Mars in Sagittarius could facilitate a change in love lived in the secrecy of your heart. In a relationship: The energies are benevolent, it would be surprising if you did not live a peaceful, stable married life.

However, the originality of Uranus in Taurus could come to shake, a little, the first decan.